Buying Guide

If you want to avoid your stress about how to choose best panini press there are some important factors about which you must have to thing while buying panini press.


1) Safety:
Safety is a major issue while using electronic item. The panini press can get hot while use, and because of high temperature up word 500 degree may cause serious injuries if you aren’t so careful. So while buying panini must see is it provide heat-resistant safety handle. If yes then it is best panini press.

2) Plate Material:
Most important factor. It directly affect on the performance of panini press. There are two types of material that are most commonly used are non-stick and cast iron. Cast iron is more sturdy and resistant to scratches and Non-stick plates are lighter and panini with non-stick plates are less in cost. If you want to make lot of sandwiches then panini with cast iron plate is best. If you want to make occasional sandwich then non-stick plate sandwich maker is best.

3) Floating Hinge:
It also one another important factor. Floating hings refers to the ability for the press lid to move up and down to allow you to make foods of different size. If your panini doesn’t have floating hinge then you are going to be limited. So buy the panini press having floating hinge.

4) Easy Cleaning:
Easy cleaning allows you to save your time and enjoy with your family, friends… Panini with non-stick coating are usually great at preventing food from sticking. Some of the panini has built-in trays and special angling modes, both of which can really help out with some of messier foods.