How To Choose Best Panini Press: What To Look For

How To Choose Best Panini Press:

Panini press is not just used for making panini or sandwiches but it can also be used to cook patties, vegetables, meat, and anything that you want to cook. Now you can enjoy your delicious sandwiches at your home with the help of a panini press or grill. This article not only explains how to select the best panini press or grill but also explains how to use that panini press. Here we clear some doubt about panini machine including:

  • Why buy a panini press & which one is best?
  • How to use the panini press & how to clean it?
  • Where to buy a panini press?
  • Different Factors consider buying a panini press.

Why buy a panini press?

Most people think that the panini press grill can be used to make a panini or sandwich only. But this is wrong. These are multifunctional devices means that you can use them as an indoor grill also and in which you can grill patties, vegetables, meat, and anything that fits plates of the panini press. Once you place your food on it, the device will do the rest. And most of the panini presses are very easy to clean so there is no need for any dish cleaning.

Choose the best panini press machine and save your time and effort. You can use it daily for preparing and reheating the food. Reheated food get more crunchy. If you want to bring your panini or sandwiches to a high level, you will need to take some points into consideration while buying a panini press or sandwich maker. If you want to buy a panini press then Breville is the best brand.

Which press is best?

guys, If you are thinking about buying a panini press or grill that offers the most versatility and usefulness then Cuisinart GR-150P1 GR-150 Griddler is the best. With this Griddler, you get a total of six cooking options and removable, reversible nonstick cooking plates. This panini grill is a top-rated Griddler.

How to season a panini press or grill?

In order to prevent rusting and reduce sticking, seasoning the panini press machine’s plates is a very important task. If the seasoning of your panini plates is going properly then it will reduce the amount of oil needed. Seasoning is important for any cast iron panini press. For seasoning a panini press follows some steps:

  • Preheat the machine at a temperature 350°F.
  • Wipe away the oil with a clean & soft cloth.
  • Then to season preheat the panini machine at temp. 400°F.
  • Once preheat lights turn off add a small amount of oil to the center of the grill.
  • Using a soft cloth spread the oil around covering the top & bottom of the grill.
  • After that heat it up to 15 minutes.
  • Apply heavy cleaning by washing the cloth again to ensure a rust-free & stick-resistant surface.

Now, I think you may get clear the topic “How to season a panini press”. If you still have any questions then please contact us.

How to choose Best Panini Press?

There are so many varieties of Panini press in the market of different brands with various features. If you are going to buy panini press randomly without going through reviews then you may miss the best option. If you want to avoid your stress about choosing the panini press, here is “How to choose best panini press” guide with some important factors which you need to take into consideration when buying the best panini sandwich press. Also if you do not want to read this guide then don’t worry here we have listed the top 10 panini press with higher customer rating and great features.


1) Safety:

Safety is a major issue while using electronic items. The panini grill press can get hot while used, and because of high temperature upward 500 degrees may cause serious injuries if you aren’t so careful. So while buying a panini must-see is it provide a heat-resistant safety handle. If yes then it is the best panini press.

2) Grill Plates:

best panini press grill plates

This is the most important factor while choosing the best panini grill. It directly affects on the performance of panini sandwich grill press. There are two types of material that are most commonly used are non-stick and cast iron. Cast iron is more sturdy and resistant to scratches and Non-stick plates are lighter and panini with non-stick plates are less in cost.

If you want to make a lot of sandwiches then panini with a cast iron plate is best. If you want to make an occasional sandwich then the non-stick plate panini press is best.

There are some panini presses with fixed grill plates and some have removable grill plates. Removable grill plates have the advantage of easy cleaning.

3) Floating Hinge:

how to buy a panini press in 2021

It also one another important factor. The floating hinge refers to the ability for the press lid to move up and down to allow you to make a sandwich of different heights. If your panini doesn’t have a floating hinge then you are going to be limited. So buy the electric panini grill having floating hinge.

4) Temperature control:

panini press sandwich maker temperature

The selection of this panini press temperature control feature depends on which food are you going to cook with panini press like sandwiches, wraps, pizzas, burgers or meat dishes.

If you are simply using a panini press for sandwiches then no temperature control is required. If you suppose to make dishes like pizzas, burgers or meat then you need to select the best rated panini press with temperature control as every food requires a different temperature for cooking.

5) Capacity and power:

Once again this is an important factor for selecting the panini press. It depends on how fast you want to make more paninis according to your requirement. If you have a small family, choose small capacity and low power panini press, and for commercial or big family choose panini with large capacity and high power.

6) Easy Cleaning:

Everybody wants to enjoy cooking but after cooking to clean the press makes you feel stressed. Easy cleaning allows you to forget the stress and to save your time and enjoy with your family, friends…

Panini with a non-stick coating is usually great at preventing food from sticking. Some of the paninis has built-in trays and special angling modes, both of which can really help out with some of the messier foods.

There are also a variety of cleaning grill brushes available which helps to make easy cleaning.

7) Drip tray:

best sandwich maker buy on amazon

A drip tray comes in the picture when you are supposed to make many dishes at a time as you continuously use the panini press then there are chances of spoiling your cooking surface. To avoid spoiling of your cooking surface from oil and the remains of sandwiches, it is used. The dripping tray helps to easily dispose of oil, grease etc. So no need to worry for users with rare uses.

8) Price:

There are a wide variety of panini presses available in the market with different prices. You have to optimize what you want with what price according to your budget and requirement. According to how are you going to use a panini press i.e regularly or rarely, for commercial or family purpose, you have to decide whether you want to buy an economical/costly panini grill with long life.

9) Accessories:

Accessories with panini grill depend on manufacturer/brand. Some may provide additional accessories for ease of operation/cleaning. So you need to just go through what are the things included in panini press package and compare with other brand having same feature.

10) Warranty:

The warranty also depends on the brand. Always prefer to buy from the manufacturer/brand which gives a long warranty.

Just follow the above “How to choose the best panini press sandwich maker” guide, you can select one of the best panini sandwich grills and enjoy delicious sandwiches with your loving one…

How to use a panini press or panini grill for great results?

In order to make authentic paninis, you need to invest some money on buying an electric panini press. Panini press or grill is more useful than a panini pan which allow easily and simply set a sandwich in a press machine. For some steps to get delicious sandwiches.

  • Select good quality bakery bread such as ciabatta, sourdough, etc. Slice the bread into thick pieces and make the sandwich with 3 to 4 ingredients of your choice.
  • Bind sandwich together with cheese on the bread. After cheese gets melt it binds all parts together. Best cheeses are provolone, fontina, Gouda etc.
  • Don’t overstuff panini because it can make a big mess and overflow in the panini press.
  • Preheat your hot panini press. Some panini grill machines has light to show preheating completed and some are not so do preheating according to the instruction manual.
  • After putting a sandwich on the panini plate, brush the butter or oil on both side of it. Close the grill press and cook each side of panini for 3 to 5 min until it gets golden brown.

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